Aerobic-Anaerobic threshold

When talking about sports, the term “aerobic – anaerobic threshold” is used pretty often and raises questions for many people. That’s why we will have a closer look at it [...]

Side stiches and muscle cramps during sports

Side stiches and causes Though sport science constantly brings forth new insights about our bodies and the way of functioning during sport, there are still some unresolved questions which require [...]

How Training makes you smarter

Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Brain Performance The health effects of physical exercise are well established. Cardiovascular, metabolic and immune support are but a few of the benefits regular exercise provides. Staying [...]

What is Altitude Training?

The term Altitude Training in general refers to the attempt to create a training effect either through natural or simulated sea level. How does altitude training work? During altitude training [...]

Respiratory Muscle Training and Sports Performance

Respiratory Muscle Training and resistance breathing devices have become increasingly popular among athletes across different disciplines. The concept behind this training method dates back to the 1970's, when researchers first [...]

Respiratory Muscle Training

Respiratory Muscle Training is a technique, which aims to improve the respiratory muscles function with specific exercises. It consists of breathing and other series of exercises that can increase the [...]

The Basics of Breathing

Human life would not be possible without oxygen. Regardless of how trivial this statement may sound, the processes contributing to the transport of oxygen from the ambient air to the [...]

Putting the Phantom Training Mask to the Test

"Fatigue will make cowards out of us all" - Vince Lombardi Have you ever felt the energy sucked out of your system in training or competition? Your lungs burning, muscles [...]

Welcome to the Team…Andy Souwer

Phantom Athletics is proud to announce a cooperation with K1 Legend “Andy Souwer” and Team Souwer from the Netherlands. With the growing success of the Phantom Training Mask our brand [...]

Phantom Athletics teams up with IMMAF

Phantom Athletics is pleased to announce a cooperation with the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF)  as an official equipment partner. The two-year deal will see Phantom Athletics produce a bespoke IMMAF range [...]

Phantom Academy #4 – RIOT in Linz

After a short brake, we are back! Unsere Seminar Reihe "PHANTOM ACADEMY" bringt euch den MMA Sport und unsere Marke näher und entwickelt sich zu einem richtigen Erfolg. Nachdem wir im Dezember, [...]

Phantom Training Mask – World premiere at ISPO Munich 2016

The ISPO in Munich is one of the biggest sports exhibitions worldwide with international visitors from all over the world, and, as such, the perfect stage for the world premier [...]

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